Which Samsung Monitor?

Hello all,

I'm looking to get a 22" LCD monitor, and after having researched it quite a bit I think I have it down to these two:

Samsung 2232BW ($219 after rebate at Newegg atm)


Samsung 2253BW ($229 after rebate at Newegg atm).

Basically, the 2232 seems to get the best reviews for gaming, which is mostly what I want the improved graphics for. But the 2253 seems to have mostly the same specs, but also a zero dead pixel guarantee (which is nice).

Any thoughts on which is better, esp for the $$? FYI, I'm running XP on a GeForce 7100 GS (I'll probably replace the card soon).

Thanks in advance!
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  1. How about the 2343BW or NW?

    I bought/got mine for christmas and it keeps blowing me away every time I turn it on. Prefered it over the 2494HM and any other 24" Samsung.

    I don't know what you do most of the time but if you play Xbox 360, PS3 or watch movies then the 2343B(N)W is the way to go for sure.

    It's wider, it has a bigger resolution (sort of) and it has more pixels then a 24".
    The only downside is that the screen doesn't have usb or HDMI ports, but DVI will suit the most of us.

    I paid 250 euro for my BW (DVI-I port which I needed for my Xbox) but the NW was only 230 at my local shop. It was available for 210 euro's pretty much all over the place (NW which doesn't have a DVI port).

    And since tech-prices don't get calculated (50 euro stays 50 dollar and vice verse) you should be able to find it for 200-230 dollar.

    There realy is no dowside to this monitor compared to the 22 inches you are considdering (only that it's bigger).

    Sorry for the "advertisement" but the monitor is realy worth it... Best bang for buck monitor I ever came across. :bounce:
  2. Since I can't edit...

    I'd like to add that this monitor can be perfectly used for gaming even though it has a 16/9 ratio. You won't get any black stripes on the right and left side while gaming, atleast I don't get any. Some people say you get those because of the unusual resolution for PC games.

    Maybe that's true while playin golder games but recent games shouldn't be much of a problem, atleast not for the monitor (looks at your graphics card :))

    Anyway, it would be stupid to not considder this monitor as it offers far more supperior stats compared to the 22 inchers. It is bigger, ofcourse, it has a larger resolution and it has a 16/9 ratio (which I think is a positive thing, no?) A 22" monitor is nothing more then a streched 20".

    Happy 2009
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