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I am running an Intel Q6600 quad core with the oem cooler. It's not overclocked, but I am looking to get into that with this machine very soon. I was looking at some CPU coolers on newegg...ones that had really good user ratings, and I came up with two:

Rosewill RCX-Z775-EX 92mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler

ASUS V-60 92mm Vapo Bearing CPU Cooler

Apparently, according to the reviews, the Rosewill is not an actual copper heatsink (it claims to have a copper base), and some have complained about the noise level. The ASUS on the other hand seems to have slightly more solid reveiws, but it is bulkier and may pose a size issue. I did measure and according to my measurments, it should fit, plus the antec ninehundred is a roomy case, but I have a feeling i wont know for sure till i actually have one in front of me and am installing it.

These are the two I came up with and am having trouble deciding between them. If anyone can suggest one that they think is better, I am definitely open to checking other ones out. I just want to make sure I get a solid, well designed product for this machine. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your links do not work.

    I use a Tuniq Tower to cool my Q9450 and E6600. The fan's RPM can be manually controlled, of course the higher the RPM the louder it will be. I actually spent some extra money to buy quiet 120mm fans (Yate Loons) and simply let them run at full speed.
  2. junk!

    xigmatek triple pipe is the best deal today -- thermalright ture is twice as heavy but it is slightly better - there is a new kid on the block from nocternal at $70 not back

    xig is $40 plus the bolt kit is $9

    best deal
  3. make sure you lots and lots of thermal compound - if your temps are high remove it and add more

  4. dragonsprayer said:
    make sure you lots and lots of thermal compound - if your temps are high remove it and add more

    What the hell?!? DON'T use lots and lots of thermal compound! You need the thinnest possble layer that covers the entire heat spreader.

    Dragonspray, you causing trouble?!?
  5. ok i briefly looked at thermalright's website and checked out the ultra 90. I will most likely go with that, although i'll check the others out when i get home. and yea, you had me until u said put lots of thermal grease on. i mean, i trust u have a reason for that, but like mi1ez said, u wanna put the thinnest layer on...
  6. You want a fairly small amount of thermal compound. If you use too little, it is a problem, but definitely don't goop it on.
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