Trying to wipe harddrive thats not partitioned

old computer with 3 1/2 inch floppy and dvd cd rom not burner! has xp pro and it wont let me wipe hard drive or partition it in order to put win 7 on it. im now stuck on prompt page says continue setup hit enter so i do and bar laods accross screen and timer ticks down but stops. tried just starting with disk it started to partition and fat 32 lines of code running down then stops.. now cant even reboot xp
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  1. install linux.. no seriously find a friend with a burner and have them throw on linux it can be a dumbed down one like puppy linux. then pop that in your drive and use it to format your drive. linux is more versatile at handleing corrupted drives. once it has formatted reboot and then let windows format it. see if that fixes it.
    or you could take a magnet to it. hehe.
    or buy a new drive they are crazy cheap.
  2. Just put the windows 7 install CD in and run the installation. At some point you will have the option to create/delete partitions. Delete all the partitions, then create at least one new one to put windows 7 onto. Now continue the installation.
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