I7 930 temps check for a first time build

I have a NZXT M59 case with the following fan setup:

Front 74CFM
Side 74CFM

Top 2x74CFM
Rear 42CFM(came with the case and didn't think it was worth changing)

I have the i7 930 processor with a Noctua NH-D14 cooler and IC diamond TIM. The cooler is oriented to blow from front to back with both 120mm and 140mm fans.

I am running everything at stock settings(HT&TB enabled so 8 threads 2.93GHz) (will OC once I work out a few other issues)

Ambient: 20C

Under 100% load with Prime95 cores are at
55 49 52 46

58 52 56 49

I have reseated the Noctua twice and this third instillation was my best (~3C lower than the others. I think I dialed in the right amount of TIM) Each time Cores 0 and 2 have been way hotter than cores 1 and 3. I know that all chips (and cores) are different, but these values seem to me to be in the just barely acceptable range(particularly with regard to a 9 degree spread)

Am I doing something wrong?
Should I/Would you be OK with this?
Sorry for the Noob question, and thanks for your help.
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  1. Thermal Tcase spec 68c, so core temps 70c-75c

    Your well under that, OC away.
  2. Temps are good, you got a small amount of OC room.

    9C is kinda high for core temp differences.

    What paste and what method of applying paste?
  3. I am using IC diamond. I applied it three times as follows:

    1)Blob in the middle pressed down with cooler, used to little. when I removed the cooler the coverage was poor. Hottest Core: 63 Coolest Core:53

    2)Bigger Blob in the middle pressed down with cooler, used to much. When I removed the cooler it had pressed over the edges (not a huge deal, its non conductive) but also not good because it was on to thick. Also, the corners of the CPU were not completely covered. Hottest Core:61 Coolest Core: 52

    3)Medium amount in a small x (hoping to reach corners) pressed down with cooler. I have not removed the cooler to check coverage. Hottest Core:58 Coolest Core:49

    I am out of Diamond, If I take it off again I will have to order more or use the Noctua TIM. The fact that I have seen a 9-10C spread each time probably means that is just how my chip will run right? Also, do these temps seem like close to what you would expect? If I turn off TB and run at 2.8GHz It knocks ~4C off each core (voltage on auto runs lower)

  4. Yea, your an experianced TIM applicator. You done the best you can. I'd say its the chip. Welcome to Toms, nice to have a non-noob here for a change.

    I use MX-2, almost as good.
    The paste with the cooler isn't bad I bet, it's a good cooler, they won't scrimp too much.

    Try doing the kechup on a piece of glass with the HS on it, looking from the underside test. Same with the chip.

    Or the straight razor blade and a flashlight from the backside, what kind of gap?

    You might get a few C by lapping both. Expect 2-7 hours of careful lapping.

    Dunno. As long as real world temps are within specs, I wouldn't worry about it a lot. Prime 95 is more than gaming or normal loads.

    My rig:

    Great Forum BTW, you should visit.
  5. Thanks Conumdrum,
    Very nice rig you have.
    I have moved some fans around(put the Noctuas on my case and moved the higher CFM fans to the cooler) and am now down to Max 53C on core 0 and 45C on Core 3. That gives me ~20C to overclock with. I may lap it if Im not happy with my final overclock, but I probably won't need to. I am not planing anything to extreme. I guess Ill have to deal with the spread. I should still be able to achieve a respectable overclock.
    Thanks again,
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