Brand New HDD- activity light always blinking + noise

Hey all!

I just replaced the WD 500GB caviar blue HDD that I had in my system for a couple years. That HDD never gave me a problem ever. It was quiet as a mouse, it was just getting full.

I got a WD 750GB Caviar Black HDD for a Christmas present, and just this week made the change over. Installed a fresh win7-64 ultimate on it, transferred over my music and started from scratch everywhere else.

The first thing I noticed was that the HDD makes the sound like it writing to the disk almost constantly. Typically this is in very short bursts like every 1 or 2 seconds. Periodically there will be a longer burst. I am very noise sensitive, and I notice this constantly. My older HDD never did that.

To confirm the noise I watched the HDD activity light, and sure enough, it flares up every time the HDD makes the noise I am speaking of.

This noise (and flashing activity light) continue to do this constantly even when zero programs are running. It is starting to really annoy me.

1.) Is this normal in any way for a Caviar Black series, or specific to Win7-64? (I was using win7-32 on the caviar blue)

2.) It couldn't be infected with anything because like I said its brand new, and I didnt get infected by anything on my other HDD over the 2-3 years I used it. I'm pretty careful with that.

3.) What do I do? I can't stand the writing noise it makes constantly! Is it defective?

Can't wait to hear your responses. After starting from scratch, I am pretty bummed that this is occuring and i might have to switch back to the full HDD. The Black 750gb is well beyond return policy, so any "defectiveness" would have to get done through warranty which also sucks lol.

P.S. My system in case it matters:
WD 750GB Caviar Black, Gigabyte p35 mobo, e8400
corsair ddr2 1066 4GB, EVGA gtx 260 216, corsair 620hx psu

Any help would be wonderful! Thanks!
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  1. I have a caviar black 640gig hdd, with win 7 pro 64 bit and it is quiet and the activity light only blinks when in use!
  2. I don't know what the facilities are in win 7, but in older versions of windows the task manager in its processes tab allows you with the view dropdown to select and view such columns as read bytes by process and stuff like that. With that much activity I would think that the offending program would end up at the top of the list pretty quickly.
  3. I am having the same problem. But it only started after I brought my laptop back from a repair shop. I had to take my Tohiba laptop to the repair shop to fix the damaged power socket - he said he only used tapes to fix the power socket and then he also cleaned and vacuumed inside.

    When brough home, the first thing I noticed was that at the start and during the first 30 min the green activity light was blinking and at the same time the hard dick was making noises. MY laptop was very quiet before - so I do not know what to do now. May be the repair man damaged something or he replaced some parts or downloaded software (virus)? He asked me to leave my laptop for 3 hrs.
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