How is intel's lawsuit stopping ion from releasing?,7074.html
in this article, it mentions several times that the lawsuit is over cpu's with integrated memory controllers. as far as i know, the atom does not have an integrated memory controller, and wont until the release of "pineview" later this year.
so whats stopping ion from releasing. We have been hearing about it forever, and I myself am really looking forward to getting a 10" or larger ion netbook.
lets hope that the netbook makers follow the design in the picture on this page labeled "mini notebooks"
it is the first netbook iv seen that dosent have a 1 inch border around the tiny screen. come on people these are supposed to be portable...
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  1. I think the lawsuit was actually concerning Intel's Core i7 CPU. Just a speculation, I think Intel is attempting to increase pressure on Nvidia to drop the Ion platform. Since by bundling CPU with the chipset in the netbook, Intel stands to make more. But now it looks like Nvidia also wants a share of the pie.

    To be honest, I think Intel should focus on creating a good ecosystem, as opposed to focusing on making wads of cash while piss a lot of people off. But again, business is not about making friends.
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