Power Supply (SMPS) problem

Hi all,

I need a serious help from our members here. My computer stopped working.
I think my power supply (SMPS) has failed, and i need to replace it. MY PC is an HP Professional Workstation.
I just wanna know, if and weather i need to replace my power supply with the genuine HP power supply part??
Or any make will do with the same configuration.
The cost of the original HP power supply is around 50 dollars + shipping, I cannot spend that much, i can spend max around 20-25 dollars for this.

Is there any way out??

The specifications of the Power supply is...
Part Number (Model No): DPS-320EB A1
Normalized Part Number: DPS320EBA1
Description: 300W POWER SUPPLY
Manufacturer: HP

Could just someone just guide me to a link straight on ebay or somewhere wherein i can buy a cheaper version (20-25 $) of the same power supply which can be used instead of this costlier HP make.

Help appreciated.

Kind regards
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  1. Thanks DellUser1, so do you mean that any Power Supply with 300W will do?? :bounce:
  2. No, not any 300 watt psu, you need an ATX 1.0 or 1.3 power supply as a replacement, because of the 6 pin auxiliary connector.
  3. Ahh, well.. i understand a little bit here, thanks for the info.
    Would you recommend me this one.

    This one has dual cooling fans on it... is it good... and also let me know if this goes for my configuration??
  4. Your original psu has a 6 pin auxiliary connector, look here at the second row of photos ;

    If that connector was in use on your motherboard you will need to find a psu that has it.
    Once you add the cost of shipping, that Rosewill would cost about the same as the ebay linked unit.
  5. Yes u r true DellUser1, there is such a thing with my current power supply, that connects to the mother board.
    So finally you have solved my problem real easy, thanks for all your help and advice. :)
    I am getting the same Power Supply from the ebay link you provided.

    Thanks again. :)
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