Question? overclocking my new athlon 620 x4

is this the correct link to learn how to overclock my new pc with the amd athlon 620 x4 2.6ghz?

not sure as i don't think mine is a black edition. if that's not correct, can you point me in a direction?

I've read alot about overclocking this chip and I'm wanting to overclock to a pretty safe 3.25 from the 2.6 it's at now. With my setup, this looks like i won't have to mess with the power output and still gain quite a bit.

I don't mind changing, the voltage and adding another fan for cooling if i can reasonably gain even more performance than i can get at 3.25.

What would you recommend with this stock setup i have?


Athlon ll X4 620 (P) (2.6GHz / 4000 MHz HT3) AM3; 2 MB L2 cache (95W)
AMD 785G chipset
500 gb hard drive
Integrated Graphics (Radeon HD4200)
300w power output
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  1. That page is for black editions which have unlocked multipliers. You cannot change the multiplier on this processor so you will have to change the fsb, overclockers club were only able to hit 3.133... so your idea of 3.25 is iffy. What brand is your power supply? Although your system doesn't have a large power draw this overclocking could still be cuttin it a little close on a cheapo version 300w psu. But if you want to overclock anyways just go into your bios and and look for a setting for your cpu that is 200 mhz as the defualt(this should be your FSB), change that setting about 5 mhz at a time until it becomes unstable(once you get towards more unstable speeds you can use smaller incriments). when it does become unstable increase the voltage .01 or .02'sh volts. on the stock heatsink i wouldn't continue this process any more once you hit 1.425 volts, don't get depressed if you only get a oc of 2.9ghz or 3.0ghz
  2. Not.

    The first part is for the BE chips. The instructions for the regular AMD CPU's starts on "Table of Contents, #10. Advanced overclocking".

    Pushing the AMD equivalent of the FSB is "advanced" only in comparison to increasing the multiplier of a BE chip.
  3. tribulator135,

    It's a stock power source from hp and i'm having trouble locating the brand info on it.

    Looking at your instruction, I'm wondering if it makes sense to mess with overclocking this system. Will I gain a decent amount of performance for video editing and rendering, which is what i'll be doing.

    The overclocking reviews i had read must have been for a different type of 620. I googled overclocking amd 620 and found alot of review like this one, which is what i was basing my reference to:

    I'll definitely get a better power source, say 500watt, if overclocking will help the performance of this pc.

    Just trying to gauge your advice
  4. i have a x4 620 only thing i did was up the fsb from 200 to 250 so here the specs
    all cores
    voltage id 1.4000v
    and its running as stable as it was original fsb(30-45deg)
    its currently at 3.26ghz from 2.6 and stable with original hs and fan
    so 3.26 or over is easily achievable expecially with a 3rd party fan and hs
    ps im only runnin atm a 350w psu:) not for long
    and it got a higher allround benchmark using software
    (which i think is on intels payroll)
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