Repair of an EVGA 8800GTS 640


I have an EVGA 8800GTS 640Mb PCIe card that has just died on me. The symptom is that when you press the power on button, the PSU clicks, the case fans jump then the PC just stops, no POST nothing!
I have tried my sons 9800 GTX in my PC and that works fine so i know it is not the PSU or the Motherboard. I have tried the EVGA in another PC i have and the same symptoms occur.

The card is over a year old and i know EVGA have a year +1 warranty, but only if you register the product when you buy it. Needless to say i did not, i had just moved into the country from the UK and i had a few other things on my mind at the time!!

EVGA customer support just say sorry but we can't help you. The card cost quite a few bucks new, so i was hoping there would be someone out there that has a clue what my issue is, or they know someone who might have or do repairs?

I'm handy with a soldering iron and have been taught PACE repair techniques if this is the answer.


asrocks P45XE
eVGA 8800 GTS 640 P2- N825 AR
4Gb Corsair DDR2 800
Silverstone Strider 700W PSU
Creative X-Fi
WD Raptor 37 Gb
Samsung Spinpoint 250 Gb
Antec P182
Vista Ultimate 64 bit
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  1. This is an extremely impractical idea. The only real thing you can do is get another GPU. Likely the problem has something to do with the core, the only way it could be repairable is if it was a memory or capacitor problem, but those don't totally kill a video card so suddenly like the symptoms you listed. Get a 9600 GT or a 4830 for $100 and gain performance over your old card.
  2. Thanks for the reply The_Blood_Raven. I had thought as much and was looking to use the 8800 in a spare rig. I ordered an Asus 4870 1 Gb a couple of days back just ticking off the days till it arrives!
  3. Expect a useful boost in performance if you`re a gamer, and you`ll find the HD4870 handles AA much better (I also had a 8800 GTS 640).
  4. 8800 GTS 640 to a 4870 1GB?! Yeah your going to love that 4870!
  5. Just further info how EVGA will not help at all in these cases. Go with XFX for lifetime warranties.
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