Preformance of single and dual channel ram slots

silly question but i got a single channel motherboard with 2 slots of 1x 1gig ram
q6600 etc
qustion is how much performance am i losing due to not having a dual channel motherboard with same 1x1gig ran in each slot

would the performance be noticalbe and worth getting a other motherboard aslo if got another motherboard be as well to over clock just a bit me (now as 2.9)to say 3.2
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  1. Here is Tom's review of Dual channel vs. Single channel memory. Not alot of difference. Chances are, you have an Nvidia 7100 motherboard?,1705-11.html
  2. ty m8
    i got dual memory sticks 2x1 and a foxconn motherboard 7050 so not woth upgreading then ??

  3. Yeah, 7050 is a lower end of the Nvidia 7000 series chipset.

    The only reason you would need to upgrade is if that motherboard is not providing you enough resources(SATA, USB ports, memory slots, sound options, etc) for you to do your daily tasks or you want a substantial increase CPU speed and that board is limiting you.

    If you have the money then a better motherboard can get that processor to 3.6ghz or more, depending on your cooling solution.

    Without knowing what your uses for your system are(gaming, web surfing, video encoding, etc) and other components of your system it's hard to say definitively that you should upgrade or not.
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