Need temperature monitor software

What is the best temperature monitor software to use for my CPU and GPU? Thanks. ;)
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  1. HWMonitor is real good. It's free and you can get it at
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    I keep a couple on hand in case one gives me odd results, just to verify.
    So in addition to HWMonitor
    There's RealTemp
    or CoreTemp
    or SpeedFan

    There's also GPU-Z for the GPU

    In my experience, and everyone's is different, HWMonitor tends to differ more often from the others. I use RealTemp more often. I've also noticed a bug in CoreTemp - the temps report fine but the multiplier isn't always right. When Turbo kicks in on my i7 860 the multiplier never rises higher than 22. So, like I mentioned already, it's good to have a couple utilities on hand to verify results.
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  4. TY :) I'm using HWMonitor now :)
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