Does the MassCool VFI VGA Cooler fit an 8800 gtx Card

I just wanted to know if the MassCool VF1 VGA Cooler will fit the 8800 gtx cards. I have 2 8800 gtx cards and will be running them sli so i need to know if they do fit the card will they fit together running SLI. Because i will be buying 2 of them if they are a proper fit for this set up.

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  1. Nope, I don't think so,

    * Compatibility:
    - Geforce MX Series
    - Geforce Ti4*** Series
    - Geforce FX**** Series
    - Geforce 6200 Series
    - Geforce 6600 Series
    - Geforce 6800 Series
    - Geforce 7600GT
    - Geforce 7800 Series
    - Radeon 9*** Series
    - Radeon X** Series
    - Radeon X1800's (Partly)
    - Radeon X1900's (Partly)
    - Radeon 1*** Series
    * Exception:
    - BFG 7800 GS AGP
    - EVGA GeForce 7800 GS CO Superclocked
    ATI: Asus A9600GE
  2. I'd suggest you go in for something like this...... it's a little more expensive than what you seem to have chosen, but it also seems that these are compatible and have been used by quite a few.

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