9800 GTX too loud!!!

Hi all,

I've got a 9800 GTX sitting in my antec 300, and its fan makes enough noise to be slightly irritating considering the computer is in the living room.

So I was wondering what you all may suggest for cooling it in a more effective, and more importantly, a quieter way.

I also don't want to spend a whole lot of cash, so the cheaper the better!

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  1. New VGA HS.
    I don't have any recommendations.
    I suggest you Google it.
    Or maybe someone here has a suggestion.

    Did you say slightly irritating? You mean to your wife right?

    You could actually lower your fan speed, but usually the manufacturers set it so low that you risk damaging your card.

    Use RivaTuner to lower it, or divorce your wife. J/K That means Just Kidding, I want no confusion.

    I recommend the heatsink option, keep your wife and cool your card.
  2. Haha Zorg :)

    Well I think I've narrowed it down to these three.... The Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev.2 would be Ideal, I think, because of the low price, however I'm not sure if it would fit in the antec 300 as it juts out a bit... I'm also not positive on whether or not its compatible with the 9800 GTX.

    Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev.2:

    Thermalright Thermalright HR-03 GT:

    Thermalright T-Rad2:

    I really like the design of the Thermalright, but I can't find it in stock anywhere...

    Anybody have suggestions?
  3. After looking them over some more I'm leaning toward the thermalright t-rad2, just because I know it'll work with the 9800 GTX, and I won't need to buy any extra ram sinks, as it comes with enough for the 9800 GTX.

    However... Where in the heck can I buy it? Seems everyone is out of stock....

    I'm still open to the Arctic cooling Accelero S1 Rev.2, but I know I need extra ram sinks for it, and I have no clue what ram sink set to buy for the 9800 GTX...
  4. I Actually think I'll be getting this one....

    Anyone have something to say to that :sarcastic:
  5. May be the automatic fan adjustment is not working properly..... and fan woking in full tension..i.e. 100%.... At load 9800GTX is too hot........ so for cooling.. fan need to take on like that.......
    I think Antec 300 doesnot meet the minimum requirement of 9800GTX as per shown in nVidia website...... try to get something like 450W or above...
  6. He's talking about an Antec 300 case.

    CompStomp, the Musashi does look pretty good. Here is a review at Legion Hardware if you haven't seen it.
  7. Thanks Zorg, I think thats the one I'm going to go with.
    Once I get it installed I'll shoot a post back to tell all how it went.
  8. Interested to see how it goes.
  9. it might be stuck on 100%. you should dl evga precision and check that first
  10. And where's the link? :lol:
  11. look at the other thread?
  12. i allways see the sound of a computer fan similar to the sound of an exhaust of a done up car...

    powerful comp its gonna have that drone of fans spinning unless u spends loads on water cooling or sound proofing material.

    same with a car once u slap on the ecu chip and new exhaust its gonna be louder.

    comes with the territory
  13. yeah but a cars sports exhaust actually sounds cool lol..
  14. Yeah, this isn't the coolest noise. :sol:

    I'm pretty such the fan isn't at 100% because the GPU is idling at about 60 degrees Celsius, which I believe is normal for stock.

    The new cooler comes in on tuesday, so I'll post back around then.
  15. Hi all,

    I put the new scythe musashi in today....

    I installed the heatsink without any problems, hooked everything back up and turned it on, and I'm getting no signal to the monitor... Fans all spinning normally, hard drive even ticks a little bit as it normally does during post. But I'm not seeing anything.

    I've Reseated the GPU 3 times, reapplied the thermal compound, tried a different monitor. And still nothing. :(

    I don't understand why this is happening since all I've done is put on the new VGA cooler.

    Thanks for any help
  16. Strange developments....

    My good ol' friend came over this morning with the extra GPU, and we stuck that in and the computer booted up fine...

    So we figured it was my BFG 9800 GTX card, so I put the stock heatsink on to get it ready to mail it back, and just for kicks we thought we'd try it one last time, this time with the old heatsink... And lo' and behold it works.

    What could be the problem here? Do the 9800 GTX's have a safety feature that when the stock fan is unplugged the card does not function?
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