Overcloking Intel Coro Duo

Hi everybody,

i would like to try to overclock my processor intel coro duo that is on a i945gm motherboard...

Now, I cannot find a software compatible with that motherboard (tried setfsb, and clockgen), can somebody help pls?

2 question, I'm on a laptop, i know its not recommended to overclock it, but i wanna try still, what is a good temperature for keep my CPUs? Around 70 *C?

P.S. Bios overclocking is not present.....
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  1. If Bios OCing Is'nt present then It cant Be don unless you have an electrical engineers degree, a soldiring iron and some spare cash.

    OCing on a laptop is Not advisable in anyway. But yes Temps under 70' should be fine...

    Good Luck :D

    Remember to use a useful Temp monitoring program like speedfan...

    Oh and Welcome to Toms Hardware Newcomer
  2. Ty for the welcome!^^
    Are you sure about that? I know there are a couples programs for doing it trough windows.. without passing from bios...
  3. Yes, Some of them can edit them inside windows, they are still editing the options on the Mobo. If those options aren't present there is nothing to edit so all you will get is a fat error. In this case if your mobo doesnt let yo change any settings you are pretty stuffed. Unlucky.

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