Asus P5Q PRO or P5Q PRO Turbo?

Which one should I get?
just P5Q PRO
Or Turbo?

Their like this same price but what is newer it appears with only 2 reviews. Turbo looks like it has better heatsinkage and on board sound.
I also think that the turbo would be better because it has a better QVL for MEM. I plan on using one set of:
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  1. Anyone familiar with these boards?
  2. Turbo or PRO, which one should I get. I plan on ordering today so if anyone has an opinion please fill me in.
    Any happy customers on here with P5Q PRO's? and what are your system specs?
  3. Not a single problem in past 6 months or so with my P5Qpro and other 3 peoples systems that i based on that mobo. Cant say anything about the Turbo though, but if its just an improved pro than i would probably give it a try :)
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