Does Ntune work with Windows 7?

Am trying to OC my 8800 GTS (I rand it in Vista at 600/900 instead of stock 550/860) but both 5.05.25 and 5.05.54 Ntune show in Windows 7 - Zero for my speeds and will not let me increase that...
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  1. nTune is now nVidia System Tools. I can imagine that older versions will not work properly in either Windows 7 or with newer drivers.
  2. ^+1.

    Anyways, for GPU OCing, I highly recommend MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision. And yes, these tools work on all cards regardless of manufacture (ie XFX,etc).
  3. Correctamundo, shadow! I had forgotten to add that in my dealings with NST instead of nTune, I found it to... not work most of the time, no matter which drivers and other hardware I had installed. But MSI Afterburner has worked like a charm! Helps me set my 8800GT to lower clock speeds, as I only use it for PhysX, and rarely at that.
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