My Documents folder is gone from Documents and Settings

One user is missing data in her Excel files. The shortcuts that she was using linked to the My Documents folder inside of Documents and Settings. The My Documents folder in the start menu is redirected to the server and these are the files that are missing data. I think after moving her computer a few months ago the folders were no longer connected and she was only storing to the C: drive. I am trying to locate the My Documents folder inside of Documents and Settings. I was being asked to do a system restore to the previous day when the links were working, so I did that and it did not come back (assumed it wouldn't). I am running recovery software to see if it got deleted but I doubt that is the case. Has anyone seen this before?
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  1. You said My Documents were redirected to the server, the files won't be on the local drive. Where do the shortcuts point to? If the folder was re-directed there will be no My Documents folder on the C: drive.

    And where does the missing data point to? Is it a live link to another spreadsheet or database?
  2. My Document's folder is often replaced by 'username's' Documents folder, when you're a different user looking at the drive. I would think the same thing is happening if you're looking at the drive via network connect.
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