From e5300 to Q6600 - SLACR G0 overclocking

so I wanted a quad the 9550 was to expensive for now any advice overclocking this chip
e45-ud3r mobo freezer pro 7 rev 2
I currently have an e5300 @ 4GHZ
any heads up for this chip ? something I should know ? nay tips or tricks I don't need a guide just looking for tips for a better overclock. any big pointers ?
I know a lot of you had this chip before and likely move on to 9550's
unless I get this chip really high which I will have before I retire the box.
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  1. DAMN... That is a GODLIKE OC.;)

    What Temps are you reading?
    What Are your voltages?
    What cooling Are you using?

    I've heard of E5300's Hitting 4.2GHZ before Destroying themselves.

    Good Luck :D
  2. well, at least you know your motherboard can handle the overclock, now just hope that the Q6600 is a good little overclocker.

    I see that you are getting the G0 revision CPU so that is a good start. I got lucky with mine and i can run 3.6 with a 1.39 Vcore, i would say start there if you're already comfortable with overclocking. Also, i really didn't have to do much to hit 3.6... no northbridge adjustments or anything like that, just moved FSB to 400, Vcore to 1.39, turned off power saving features in BIOS and set ratio to 1:1.
  3. You wont see any difference at all (probably a decline) in performance unless you use multi threaded software (video editting etc.)

    I have an E5300 @ 3.8ghz and it is noticably snappier in most of my usage than a q6600 in the same system. I bought the q6600 and couldn't get it above 3.5ghz on the same system that i got my e5300 on 4ghz easily. The performace was the same for everyday usage but noticable slower in gaming and all single threaded applications.

    With a good cooler you can have the e5300 @4ghz with low 50's temps but you cant get it much higher than that.
    (mine tops at 51'c with the cpu fan at the lowest setting; 650rpm)
  4. I am sorry, but there is no way in hell an E5300 @ 3.8 is better than a Q6600 @ 3.5 in games.

    I had an E4500 @ 3.8 then replaced it with a Q6600 @ 3.6 and the difference was HUGE in WOW/MW2/Crysis/etc...

    Night & Day
  5. What Temps are you reading? low 50's never more than 53C
    What Are your voltages? 1.378xx
    What cooling Are you using?freezer pro 7
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