Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R No audio

I tried install the audio drivers and realtek drivers but nothing happens. I should get a realtek icon in control panel right? Going to device manager under audio drivers, device not found. Tried the drivers from the Gigabyte web but does not help. Do I have to exchange the board?

many thanks.

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  1. Looks like it. Unless you were using the wrong drivers? Hmmmm...
  2. thanks for the reply.

    Yeah i used the drivers that comes with the motherboard. Tried one wrong driver ver and the system would hang. this is actually a new card, what a bummer.

    Thanks anyway.
  3. Do you have the onboard sound turned on in the BIOS?
  4. jit could be right yomo, keep us updated if you can :)
  5. Yes, it is on auto in the Bios. There is no "enable there". Also tried disable--boot XP-- restart turn it on. Tried uninstalling and removing installed audio drivers but does not help. Also tried removing the ethernet driver(read someone had problem with that that affects his audio). Did a repair install of the XP. Not ready to reformat drive. Will go rma the board on sat. Hope its good.

    Control panel could not find the audio device not device manager- sorry about that.

  6. Did it ever work? Did you install a video card with HDMI audio? It may have set itself to be your default audio device. If that is the case, re-select the one you really want to be your default.
  7. When I installed my GA-EP45-UD3P, the Reaktek driver that came on the Gigabyte CD did not work. No audio. I had to download the latest one from Realtek. That solved the problem.
  8. Thanks for the reply to both.

    Don't think it is anything to do with HDMI. Cannot find audio device to begin with. Non of the method I tried so far worked.

    I did download drivers from gigabyte and realtek but does not help, at least they do not hang the machine. Even one that was modded with Xi fi or something. Actually the CD that comes with the motherboard does not show the audio driver(auto startup menu) until I find it manually.

    Thanks guys! Have a great weekend ahead. Will get the board checked today.
  9. Ok, just let us know what happens if you can. Sorry we couldn't be of much help.
  10. THanks guys for all the replies. This going to be a bit long!

    Got my board checked and the tech guy at the distributor said it is ok. I believed he might have flashed (the bios) the board straight away before booting up because I saw him copying files to a usb thumb drive while he enter the bios of the board and then connect to the comp.

    When I fixed it up last night, it was working!

    I did speak to the tech tech guy. Remarks was WinXP SP2 does not recognise HD audio from Realtek. Sugest to install windows audio driver UAA that comes with the Disc 1st then realtek drivers. The UAA drivers will prompt to install realtek driver(according to him, but I did not get that prompt.) during the installation process or to say HD audio detected and ask to install driver. He said to cancel the prompting to install another driver but to finish up the installation for UAA alone. Then install realtek drivers

    He did say WinXP SP3 does not have this problem.

    Maybe my taking out the board might have helped? I still think he could have flashed to a newer bios or something. Anyway am glad for his help and the board is working!

    By the way the audio is really nice. Remembered Gigabyte used to have the HD audio with realtek as well and I do not have problem with those. This one definitely sounds clean and nicer. Maybe I have been deprived for a week of PC music!

    May proceed to research on OCing my dual core 2.8 ghz

    Cheers guys!
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