Maxtor 3200 not recognized by Windows Me, any suggestions?

Hello,I have been using the Maxtor 3200 for a couple of years on my Windows XP laptop. Unfortunately the laptop died, however I am using a Windows Me computer and plugged in the Maxtor 3200, I can not seem to get it to recognize it.
Any suggestions on what to do to get it to work?
Thanks a bunch in advance,
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  1. Upgrade it to Windows XP SP1 at a bare minimum.
    There were no drives that size in ME's time (short lived as it was) I doubt they ever wrote support for that drive, or included it in ME. Windows ME can only recognize drives smaller than 138gig anyway. You will have to check the Maxtor website and see if a USB driver or firmware was ever written, but I really, really have my doubts.
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