Upgrading parts for CUDA

I'm considering to upgrade my current system for my final year project. I'm thinking of using the Nvidia Cuda capabilities for some of the floating points program I'll be running. I'm also a casual gamer.

My current system spec:

Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 @ 3.1GHz (1.475v)
Cooler Master Hyper 212
Gigabyte G/A-P35-DS3L Rev 2
Corsair Twin2x2048 CL5 2 x 1GB
Sapphire ATI HD3850 256MB
Huntkey V-Power 450W
Cooler Master CM 690

I'm thinking of upgrading to Gigabyte GTX 260+ (OC) and changing to either of these PSU Corsair VX550W or Xigmatek 650W.

By the way, I dont live in US. So as reference, the price for these upgrades:

Gigabyte GTX 260+ (OC) = MYR 1030.00

Corsair VX550W = MYR 380
Xigmatek 650W = MYR 420

Which one is better? I'm thinking of getting the CorsairVX550W and use the extra to buy an extra fan with good cfm (running hot when stressed, CPU temp 69c, NB temp 65c). But at about 40 more bucks, I'm getting more power rating and modular features, which means I'll have my table fan facing to the case instead of my face for extra cooling.

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  1. i would go with the 260 as you have said, for cuda, i would say there is nothing that really beats its performance per price ratio. though, your NB temp seems a tad high, bad airflow in the case, would consider getting a couple fans for intake and exhaust.
  2. Well..the ambient temperature is high here and also dusty. I'm still researching regarding good airflow for the case. Some of the people suggested negative air pressure (more exhaust than intake) is good for cooling and also less dust.

    Also, does good PSU improve OC capability? I cannot seem to get past 3.1GHz and the voltage is already too high. Even to get from 2.98GHz to 3.00GHz would take voltage jump from 1.375v to 1.425v.
  3. a better psu will more than likely give off a more stable voltage, and you may have more amps on your rails, but for ocing, it will only help by adding more power when needed, though negative air pressure does allow for less dust, the amount that it may add to cooling is questionable. i for one have a + pressure in my case and when i tried a negative, it raised my temps by about 8c. i would try both to make sure.

    also, to improve the temps on the 260 if you get it, make sure that the fan speed is set higher than what its set to at stock. (which i don't quite know what that is).
  4. Do get a better PSU first. Get the Corsair 550VX.
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