Windows update after fresh re-install?

Since performing a fresh re-install of my O/S WindowsXP MCE2005 ,I have what seems like a endless list of Windows Updates to be installed. I was curious if it would be best to either install them one at a time by removing the check box next to other updates. I installed one update and then had to remove it becasue it completely messed up my fresh install which is working very well so far. Thankfully I had set a system restore point B/4 installing the update . I have the Windows Update set to notify but dont download or install. To kind of piggy back another problem Iam having I downloaded the "dotnetfx20" which is suppose to install Microsofts .NETFramework version 2.0 a 22 M.B. download that I need for a certain software app. I have to install. However when I try to install the dotnetfx download I recieve a error prompt that MIME type file cannot be opened ? CAn anyone point me in the right direction for upodating my .NETFramework version fropm the 1.1c version I now have ? Once again thanks to all that reply !
Take Care NicRic
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  1. Try downloading the full Version 2.0 Redistributable Package.


    If you still get an error, right click on my red link and select "Save link as.."
    If your system is 'poisoned' by a bad Framework install, click
    It has not been advised by Microsoft to uninstall older versions of Framework. Install 2.0 in addition to the version 1.1c you already have.

    You may need to update your Windows Installer to add Framework 2 or higher. Get latest Installer
  2. It is always best to install all the critical and recommended updates!
  3. I went ahead and downloaded the .NETFramework 2.0 again this time instead of saving it to My Documents folder I downloaded it to a 1 G.B. thumb drive that was empty ! Well it installed this time ,why it made a differance I can only guess that the first download was a corrupt one perhaps or downloading a file of that size to the My Documens folder just was a bad idea ? Either way all is well I was able to sucessfully install the software that required the higher version then the one I had installed originially and so far so good !
    Thanks to All,NicRic
  4. Hey, happy endings ! That's what we're here for. :)
  5. great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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