5850 can't overclock ???

Ok so my shappire 5850 works perfect on stock settings but once i turn up the GPU clock or memory clock by 5mhz i start to get shuttering or tearing on my second monitor. I tried using one monitor and it still does it but not as bad . So i was wondering does this mean i just got a bad overclocking card or could there be a problem with it ?? i also tried using CCC and it auto set my clocks to GPU 765/ 1115 MEM and still the same i have msi afterburner for my fans and my comp is

x48 gigabyte ds4
4 gigs of patriot ram
850 corsair
and my temps are under 35 load so i dont think it could be the temps ...

oh yeah and the shuttering happens even when i'm not playing games like when i'm just browsing the web or scrolling up or down using notepad ???
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  1. i get this issue when using two monitors on my overclocked card. have you tried removing the other monitor entirely?

    i think sometimes CCC just doesn't like OC+multi monitor.
  2. It Sounds Lyk a Vsync Error to me... Try enabling it. It will stop the horizontal tear by limiting the refresh rate of the Gpu To the screen (Stop me if im completely lost) it will pull down frame rates but it will improve visual quality...

    It could also be your screen, is it hot? any issues with the screens PSU? What brand is it?
  3. this is a known issue with the 5000 series cards. Are your drivers up to date? I thought Ati released a fix for it a few weeks ago. Its frustrating because like you said even at 5mhz higher it clitches up. Dont worry, your not the only one.
  4. That sucks man, I suggest checking for driver and even mobo BIOS updates. I have all the latest updates and my 5850 is OCed to gpu: 975, mem: 1200. It's totally good and stable. I get greyscreens at 1000mhz gpu or over about 1225 mem but I guess that just means it's the limit of my Sapphire card.
  5. I had a similar problem.Try Vsync and a different overclocking tool like MSI Afterburner which I use with my HD 5850
  6. How much tearing are we talking about?

    If I was forced to use Vsync I'd be disappointed. :/

    Hopefully there is/will be a fix for this.
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