When will be the best time to buy a new computer?

I have been using my computer since I bought it brand new in 2003. Right now, I am concerning that my computer is out of date to upgrade for HD perfomance (HDTV, blu-ray, etc). I am still going for PS3 to save the budget since I am more a movie buff than HDTV.

Anyway, I am still wonder what year or when will be the best time to get a brand new computer? My mistake with my computer in 2003 was that I didn't know about PCI-Express coming out in 2004. I wouldn't like to buy a new computer then figure it was the last generation, so I'd prefer to buy a computer that last long to 10 years with any upgrade.
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  1. Next month something new will come out. Followed by something else new in 2 more months.

    The time to buy a new computer is now. Next week you'll get a better deal on the same parts. The week after that you'll get a better deal. If you wait a year, the parts you were going to buy today will all be obsolete.
  2. Just wait for boxing day and buy. You probably wont get better deals overall for a couple of months after that.
  3. ^hmm, i agree and disagree. sometimes its better to wait than other times. sometimes its better to buy now than other times. it all depends on the parts, expected parts, prices, and time. oh and cash too :P
  4. if you're thinking like that, then there will be no good time to buy a PC...the money u put in the PC will shrink REAL fast, faster than inflation rate in Zimbabwe
    so just don't :D
  5. The best time to buy is when you can pay cash for it. I found a compaq pc for $199 last may for one day only at Fry's. I upgraded it piece by piece, and had some spare parts leftover.
  6. I think I better ask more detailed question. When is the best time to buy a motherboard that can get upgraded CPU, graphic cards, etc, for a very long time? (Assuming 5- 10 years from now)
  7. 5 years ago:

    -There was no PCI-E
    -AMD was just launching the Athlon 64, which would dominate the CPU world for the next few years.

    So, if you think that way, December of 2004 was the last good time to buy a motherboard, as that was the first time you could get PCI-E and SLI.
  8. I'd start making preparations for parts and whatnot so that you can watch prices and pull the trigger when you see good deals. Online retailers have random deals and there's always the big ones like black friday, digital monday and boxing day.
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