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Hi all, at work we are always connecting to windows XP machines from our home machines running windows XP, vista and 7. We have a machine here at work that still has windows 2000 on it. People need to connect to this machine from home. I installed the msrdpcli.exe file I got from But I think I need to do more to that windows 2000 machine. On a windows XP machine, you have to give someone permission to be able to remote into it by going into System Properties and clicking the Remote tab. but this tab is not on the windows 2000 machine. How do I get it?
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  1. Windows Remote Desktop is a dinosaur. It is hard to use, authentication is cumbersome and it just doesn't do what many people need. Can you tell I don't like it?

    RealVNC is a system that works. I use it and I have nothing but praise for it. With 2 clicks, one to launch the program and another to connect to the remote computer, I have full control over the target machine. Permissions can be set up on the target machine for various access levels. If it is put in the computers' startup, you can even re-boot the remote computer and regain access as soon as it finishes loading. It is a super-remote desktop sharing/control program worthy of checking out. It cost $50.00 (U.S.) for the enterprise version.

    Look at it and/or get it by clicking

    The answer to your question of "but this tab is not on the windows 2000 machine. How do I get it?" is, I don't know.
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