Build a Super Fast Computer

I would like to build a super fast computer.

I am sick of Windows moving so slow. I am asking the people here for some starting points and advice on how to build a fast computer.

I would like to use this new computer for Mac OSX or Windows.

I am willing to try anything. I will work with anyone.

Any suggestions to start me off?
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  1. First, what is your current system? Windows will be slow on any computer if it is clogged up with a million startup programs or something like that. It is possible that your current setup could be sped up significantly without any expenditure at all. However, if your setup is quite old and you want to upgrade, what is your budget? An i7 based system is excellent if you have the cash (decent i7 setups start between $1000 and $1200 or so), and for somewhat less money ($700-$800), you could build a Core 2 Quad based setup or a Phenom II setup that would also be quite nice.
  2. Yea, a budget is needed, if would decide if you get a GTX 295, A 4870, a 4850, A 9800 gt, a Core 2 Duo, or an i7

  3. My budget is about 5k for now, but I can put in more as I go forward in upgrades. Current system is too old to update.
  4. I would like multi monitor or at least one very good wide screen. Would anyone know any good LCD TV's that have a good resolution to use? or should I stick to monitors made for computers?
  5. That is a LOT of money. For monitors, I would stick to a computer monitor, but you could get a good S-PVA or S-IPS 24" or so that would give an excellent picture at 1080p or higher resolution.

    As for the components, would it be used for gaming? If not, high end graphics would be somewhat pointless. Lots of RAM is always a good idea, and I'd definitely go for an i7 though.
  6. $5,000 is an extreme amount of money. Trust me you wont use all $5,000. Tell me do you have an ear for high quality sound, do you like watching hi-def movies, do you game, do you convert things, and what do you do that makes your current PC slow?
  7. programming, graphic design (I use my apple, but need to do some stuff on the PC) and web surfing. The system I have now works ok, but I am talking about instant on and off, not having to wait for all the crap in the background to load into memory.

    I keep the system very light with applications. I dont install any of the startup crap that other users have. I just want it to work as fast as I can type and click. In this day and age I find it ridiculous that I need to wait for my computer to do anything.
  8. Then you definitely don't need a $5k computer. A solid i7 920 build for around $1k should be more than adequate. If you like instant, a fast hard drive is a must though - depending on how much storage you want, the Intel X25-M SSD or a Velociraptor would be a good choice (which would bump the price up a bit from $1k, but it still wouldn't be anywhere near $5k).
  9. ok thanks
  10. By the way in what country do you live?
  11. And you may want a workstation graphics card (Nvidia Quadro, Ati FireGL) for graphic design. Will it be used for some gaming?
  12. Canada
  13. This is what I would build:

    CPU: i7 920, it will perform and overclock just like the 940 or 965, but it is far cheaper and it is the fastest CPU on the market.

    Does everything you will need and is at a good price.

    Great performance, enough said.

    Fast RAM for a decent price.


    2 fast SSDs and 2 fast 1TB drives, plenty of space and speed when put into a RAID 0 configuration.



    Though you have not said a thing about gaming, a good GPU can always be a nice thing.

    or if you need a work station card for graphics design

    Quiet case with great cooling and classy looks.

    Power supply:
    More power than you need, but you wont ever have to worry about it.

    That all comes in at a bit below $3000 so it is easily in budget. I hope this helps you and gives you an idea.
  14. thanks for this, these look like great selections
  15. I am also intending to build a monster! I will defenatly be looking at all those options!
    Any more suggestions???
    I'm actually in Australia, Sydney.
  16. Here's a better workstation GPU if money isn't an issue:
  17. That may be true, but this one is better still, and cheaper.
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