Is my AMD Phenom II X4 955 temp ok?

I have an AMD Phenom II X4 955 3.2ghz processor with a Thermaltake SpinQ heatsink inside an Antec 1200. Normal temps when it was running at 3.2ghz were about 25 degrees celcius and I have overclocked it to 4ghz and the temps are now normally about 40 degrees celcius. I just wanted to know if 40 degrees celcius was still ok for the 4ghz speed and if i continue to overclock further, what temp should I back off at?
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  1. Cool temps.......
    You really have very good temps...... At 4GHz 40C is not bad at all,...... yeah the higher you go, you'd need to cut it off at 70C.

    Exceeding 70C for a long while could burn it out.......
    But upto 70C is pretty much ok..... although if it were me, I'd cut it out at 65C

    But 70C is the highest I'd let it go..... anything beyond, and I think I'd have a standby and a heart attack....
  2. ya, I was SUPER shocked that I got that cool of temps... I can play Crysis on Very High and 1920x1080 res (still a bit of lag) with the temp only going no further than 45C! I'm pretty sure its the Antec 1200 case and its like 8 billion fans not so much the heat sink lol.
  3. man lol its insanly good but haw you fps clocked or only cpy clocked ? I got my 965be at 3,9 mem ddr2 1/2 on 888mhz and fsb i think is 222 and i got a water cooling rig and temp at max stress it 55C. So its a great cooling rig you got for such a low temp alto fps is where you realy get your cpu running hot. ^^
  4. ya it's kinda funky cause one of my friend bought the same Phenom II X4 955 Black edition today and he said he gets like 40C running it just on default 3.2ghz and he uses the exact same heatsink but on an Antec 902 case... AMD Overdrive doesn't lie on the core temps does it?
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