Xfxforce 630i Problems recognizing Dvd rom drive

Hi! I am new on this forum. I need help with getting my XFX nForce 630i motherboard to recognize my ide dvd rom burner. The Dvd drive is a samsung. I had problems with it installing Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10 so I tried to update the bios to the newer version that is on xfx's website and that made things worse! now it won't boot from a cd at all. Now it goes through some words and it seems to find my hard drive and Dvd drive and then it says it can't find device R. Or something like that. If you need to know exactly what it says I can boot it and get on another computer and copy what it says but for now it did boot from the hard drive, which is ide with a sata adaptor so it is pluged into a sata port and I think that is why it is working. I think I am having issues with ide drivers on the chipset but I could be wrong. I am no expert but I do know more than the average person about computers. Oh here are some more system specs, I only have one Dvd burner drive, 1 hard drive with 3 partitions, one floppy that won't work either, probly because of the ide issues, it worked before the motherboard upgrade not to long ago. I have a sound card and a wireless internet card, I don't have a graphics card. I am just using the 7150 graphics that is onboard. I will apprieciate any help!
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    Do you have the jumpers correct?
    Power plugged in?
    It shows in the bios, that is a plus.
    Could be a bad IDE channel. Try another one.
    You might want to reflash to an older bios version.

    For the floppy check the position of pin 1.
    Make sure it has power.
    The folded side should be close to the floppy.
  2. How would I get the older version to reflash with? also could you tell me how to flash the bios, just to make sure I did it right? that was my first time trying to flash bios on a computer. I know the jumper is in the correct spot, and I have power. I am typing this from the computer that I am trying to fix.
  3. XFX should have several bios version on the Web.
    You have to read the motherboard manual for procedures on how to flash your motherboard. In any case avoid flashing if you are in Windows/Ubuntu.
    Best is to flash from a floppy in pure Dos. Boot from Dos and execute the flash file.
    A failed flash is a dead motherboard. A flash not done well will create problems.
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