what memory p5q - quick replys pls!

what ram for a asus p5q deluxe...

was going to get Corsair DDR2 XMS2 Dominator PC2-8500C5 TwinX but out of stock, anything else recommended? or should i wait if its the better ram..

ps only 2gb.. windows xp 32bit
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  1. looked at this:
    Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 1066MHz Dual Channel Kit (BL2KIT12864AL106A)

    however of asus site the model number on the QVL isnt 100 correct few end letters wrong and says single mode...
  2. on the qvl list it says "supports one modules inserted into either slot as single-chanel memory config"

    whats this mean and is it not as good as:
    "supports one pair of modules inserted into either yellow or black slots as one pair of dual-chanel mem configs"
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