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I got a Q6600 2.4ghz that I am overclocking at 425 8x ratio (3.4ghz) because the 378 x9 ratio was not working properly and my computer is working at 100% no overheating. Should I even try the 425 9x ratio or no? My Mobo is an Asus P5Q Pro Turbo with 2x 4gb Geil RAM (Model number: GX24GB8500C5UDC) Or am I probably pushing my limit as well? My mobo sits at around 45 celsius on load.
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    Your MOBO isn't the temp you should be watching...

    Use sppedfan or realtemp to monitor CORE temps.

    Read this

    Are you running after market cooling?

    Thats a 1GHZ OC you should be proud
  2. I have a VERY similar setup and currently have my Q6600 @ 3.6 with 9 x 400 FSB, voltage set in BIOS @ 1.39

    I also had to up my RAM voltage from 1.8 to 1.9 but that's normal. i have DDR2-800 RAM so with the 400 FSB setting, i'm sitting at a nice 1:1 ratio.

    Any other changes i made were simple ones like disabling speedstep & C1E support, otherwise, what i have stated above is what i have done..

    My temps at the above settings are 62 degrees @ load temperatures but usually average out @ 55, Idel temps are in the low 30's

    Now, i tried to up the FSB a little in an attempt to hit 3.8 or higher and i found that i had to increase my voltage to 1.44 or higher and the temps went up o just shy of 70 degrees so i backed it down to 3.6 where i am very happy.

    The only temps i monitor are the individual core temps for my CPU and my video card.

  3. Woops I meant my processor is sitting at that temperature not the mobo. I deal with video editing and the temp went up just a couple degrees below the considered warning level of to hot so i dont think I will be running any faster cause of the voltage increase again. The RAM I got runs at 2.4 volts and is made specific for overclocking so I def dont have any problems there :). The cooler I am using is the Thermaltake SpinQ heatsink. I will definitly be getting one of those temp monitors that show individual cores. Thx a lot guys.
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