Custom Build for Gaming and Video Editing - Good Bad Or Shoot me now?

Hi I've put together what I think I want/need below. I would be really grateful if you would advice me whether or not it looks balanced and whether I'm getting the best bang for my buck (Pound Sterling actually ;) )

I really need advice also on cooling. I haven't much idea so feel free to say if you think it will burn down the house.
Please be really honest, I won't burst into tears. Unless you tell me to get an i7 and then they will be tears of frustration.
Thank you

Asus P5Q-E Motherboard =£124.99

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 =£281.80

Geil 8Gb PC2-6400 Quad Channel RAM Kit =£77.19

Zalmon CNPS7500-ALCU LED Cooler (CPU Cooler) =£27.42

Zotac Geforce 260² Graphics Card =£222.01

OCZ GameXStream 850W PSU =£95.22

Maxtor DiamondMax2 1 Terabyte HDD (X2) =£149.98

Sony DVD Rewriter (X2) =£33.83

CoolerMaster Centurian 532 Case =£41.11

Asus WL-138gE Broad Range Wireless PCI Adapter =£29.51

Speedlink Media Remote and Receiver =£12.72
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  1. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it, I feel pretty lost with this. I've read as widely as I can but I'm still pretty ignorant.

    Regarding the cpu cooler, if you had to pick from this list what would you choose and why?

    And regarding the GPU should I get a cooler for that? Also the RAM?

    Thank you, sorry for all the thick questions.
  2. That was easy.
    Pretty much the same cooler as the one I listed.
    Look at this, it's a list of the best. Sunbeam on top:

    I'm a bit short on time.

    Here is some education:

    .. and a big list of parts I recommend:
  3. is that a gtx260+ or an "old" one? (the ² kind of doesn't expressly say).
  4. It is the newer model.
  5. It won't let me edit my post. Drat!

    What do you think Antiacid anything you would change, remove or add?

    Any thoughts on cooling?
  6. I'd personally go for a WD HDD and 4gig of ram. Actually, I'd go for a smaller hdd and add another one in a couple of months when I need the space to get the most out of my hard earned dollars.

    The rest is pretty decent if you follow Proximon's solution on cpu cooler :)
  7. I don't really understand about the CPU cooler is he picking it because it looks like the one he said is the best?

    I don't need to add extra fans or anything in the case or on the graphics card or RAM? I'm terrified of it overheating and dying on me.

    My current set up is a crappy Sempron 3000 with a gig of RAM and a Geforce62000. I have never had a decent PC before and it's giving me sleepless nights.
  8. The OCZ Vendetta is actually a re-branded Xigmatek, like the second on the list.. I was thinking it was a sunbeam last night, they look about the same ;)

    I chose a better case for a similar price... I could recommend even better cases, but I was trying to match you budget. A couple 120mm fans would make the case even better, yes, :)
  9. So I should stick with the zalman fan then?

    BTW I had a look at your links. I had actually already seen your guide before I posted the thread. Thank you, it is very good.

    So I should get rid of the fans in the coolermaster and put new ones in or go for the antec?

    Do I need a fan on the graphics card or the RAM?

    I thought the coolermaster was supposed to be a brand for cases.

    Thanks for the help. :)

    Anyone else want to chime in feel free I'm clueless.
  10. Cooler Master and many other companies make good cases. I know of absolutely no manufacturer that makes nothing BUT good cases.

    Here's my reaction to the 532, based on the pictures here:

    The front fan is about 60% obstructed by the hard drive cage, and is the only fan included in the case.
    There are two holes in the side panel, neither of which have fans. One has an air funnel that would need to be removed in order to mount any sort of decent CPU cooler. These holes would only disrupt the flow of air through the case. You could possibly cover one with tape and mount a fan on the other.
    The columns are sort of cool.

    Gtx 260s are adequately cooled I think. You would not need a fan.

    You would only need fans on your RAM if you had overclocked the RAM a great deal, and even then it's mostly a gimmick. Without a link to your specific RAM kit I don't know how good it is actually.

    Since Vendetta = Xigmatek S1283, and Xigmatek S1283 is the second best CPU cooler made, you should choose the Vendetta. The Zalman you list was one of the top ten coolers a few years ago, but it's outdated.

    I think you should get the Antec 300 + fans, or if you can afford it an Antec 900 (comes with all fans). If you prefer Cooler Master, the 690 is an excellent CM case.
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