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i normally buy nvidea but im considering ati. my problem is nvidea has dropped full screen to second display i normally run video to my tv in full screen mode while being able to still use my main monitor and i can no longer do that with nvidea. Does ati support it if not all of them what video cards support it.
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  1. Why can't you do this with nVidia? I have two seperate monitors running that can be configured independently to different resolutions.

    Maybe I'm confused as to what you are trying to do or cannot do.
  2. i normally use clone and have it set that when i play a video it stays small on the main screen and on the second screen it is full screen with nvidea's new drivers they no longer support that and they say that they will no longer be supporting it at all. sure if i configure for dual view i can move the video to the second screen but i have to have it set to maximize because if i tell it to go full screen it full screens to the main screen instead of the second screen in which the video was playing on.
  3. ATI does still support it. You still use "Clone Mode", but apply "Theater Mode" to the secondary display... Give me a sec and I'll verify...

    Verified. The secondary display does change resolutions to that of the source material. My projector (normally set to 1280x768) switches to 640x480

    -Wolf sends
  4. This also depends on what video software you're using. For instance, I find Windows Media Player will play anything fullscreen on whatever screen I choose. However, the newest version of VLC will only play fullscreen on my primary monitor.
  5. Hehe... I must be using an older version (0.8.6e Janus) then. I used VLC to verify

    -Wolf sends
  6. Yeah, .9.8a Grishenko.
  7. You have to adjust your screen size with whatever graphics card you have bro.
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