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So with the reports of Intel shipping 25mm NAND flash in volume, when might we expect the next generation of SSDs? I'm right on the cusp of purchasing an Intel X-25M, but if new SSDs will be here in a couple of months would it be advisable to wait?
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  1. Couple of months??? ..... If you can wait that long..... Why not use the same drives using now?
  2. I have not seen any story that refutes the FUDZilla estimates of Q4 (say november; month before christmas) this year. And Q1 2011 for other versions, among the X18-M.

    So it doesn't seem quite likely that Intel would release its new SSD in Q3. Even if the 25nm 2-bit NAND is ready, the Intel new controller chip likely isn't yet. And as you guys know, the performance depends highly on that controller chip; it will distinguish a crap SSD from the best SSD ever built.
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