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HI guys i m having *** strange problem on my old pc.....one day it just din't started ......i formatted the c drive and installed new copy of windows XP sp2 but after that it comes till the windows xp logo after that every thing blacks out and i after some time i hear like monitor is switched off (not actually switched off)....after that monitor switches on and pc restart...this cycle goes on and on.....
Also one important thing The Pc Runs In Safe Mode Without any problem....only when i tries to go in normal mode it behave like that
Pc config
Pentium 4 1.5Ghz
640mb ram
400gb hdd (IDE)

PS:this problem started when i was using windows xp sp3.....then i googled and learned about reboot loop...i tried the most common solution to that by booting in safe mode and editing the values for Intelppm...but only in my case ther was no such entry instead intelide was there so edited it and no help.....then i decide to Install XP sp2 as i was having no problem with it earlier
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  1. There are many re-boot loop fixes and you are not getting a BSOD. Still there maybe several causes for it. Since Safe mode runs good, I suspect your video card settings. You can try and uninstall video card in safe mode. Then boot normal and if it works re-install video card drivers and leave settings on default, do not OC or anything. The other problem that may cause re-boot loop is faulty memory, but that comes with BSODS. There is also the possibility of a faulty PSU which cannot deliver enough power for video card when getting to the high-res. mode display.
    What video chipset do you have and is it integrated ?
    Go to the proper section when editing registry and make new key if not present, reset the old key to what it was.
  2. thanx for reply cyberat_88.....
    now one strange thing happened to me......the pc started running okay in normal mode....and i DIDN't do any thing just started it one day and it booted normally....and after that no problem of restarting but i m still curious what might have happened and what made it okay automatically
  3. Probably the registry key change.
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