Setting Blu-Ray Player region?

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me what determines the region code a Blu-Ray player gets set to once you install it.
Do they work in the same was as DVD players, which allow you to choose the region five or so times before it becomes fixed?
At the moment I have a system featuring two DVD players configured for region 1 and 2 respectively. Can I do the same with a pair of Blu-Ray palyers?

Thanks in advance for any replies :)
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  1. I live in the UK and my aim is to watch domestic Blu-Ray's (Region 2/A) and US/Hong Kong/Japanese Blu-Ray's (Region 1/A).
    My fear is that I buy and install a pair of Blu-Ray players (thats possible right?) and find they are locked for Region 2/A. Either the hardware is locked from the start or Windows has some security feature which will lock down the players against my wishes.
    So can anyone who owns a PC based Blu-Ray player tell me if it lets them choose the region it plays, or better yet is effectively 0 region.

    Thanks in advance for any replies :)
  2. i think the software will ask you to choose a region the first time you try to play a disc....thats usually how it works
  3. Thanks for replying

    So you have to set things up in the software you use to play the disks?
    I had hoped that you could set the region code through the Device Manager > Properties > Region tab, where it says you have X remaining chances to change your region. Is that possible with Blu-Ray drives?
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