Cannot partition 16gb flashdrive?

I bought a Corsair Survivor 16GB flash drive, and I am trying to make a 700MB, or around that size, partition using Windows 7 Home Premium x64's Disk Management. I can Shrink my other HDD's, but I cannot do this to my flash drive. The flash drive is formatted as NTFS. Is there a certain reason I cannot perform the function I am wanting to do?
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  1. Ok so i figured out how to partition my flash drive. I used gparted using Ubuntu. Now I ran into the problem of Windows 7 only seeing the first partition of the flash drive. Anybody know the reason for this, and possibly a work around?

    Edit: Ok so I have the suspicion that what I am trying to do won't work after all. What I'm trying to achieve is to have Multiple ISO's, of which are; Ubuntu 10.4 Netbook Remix, Ubuntu 10.4 Normal, and Windows 7 Home Premium, all on one Flash drive so That I don't need to install my OS's from disk media anymore. Will I even be able to achieve this? Would the system recognize that there are more than 1 ISO's on the flash drive to choose from?
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