Cooler Master Aquagate Max

What do you think of Cooler Master Aquagate Max as a cooling setup for an i7-930 on a Rampage II ?
How far can I OC with that cooler ?
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  1. Very very very weak. May I suggest you strt at the top of this forum, "READ THIS"

    And this is considered the golden standard for beginning watercool for a CPU only.
  2. Any chance with a setup of 23dBA as max ? Im trying my best to run as much silent as possible!
  3. Probably not, figuring out noise levels etc is too hard to do for this. Your best bet is to underclock the CPU or buy a much quieter PC that is lees powerful if noise is your primary concern.

    If you want to overclock quality watercooling is great to reduce noise. 23DB? I dunno.
  4. Setting up the radiator with 4x120mm low speed, high flow fans in a push-pull configuration is about the best suggestion I could give on trying to get your cooling setup as quiet as possible. Some of these fans can be as quiet as 22 dBA @ 1000 rpm, though they can be much quieter at lower speeds. Get a fan controller and you can punch the voltage up or down while you keep an eye on your temps. Hopefully once you get it all dialed in you can find a happy medium between noise vs. performance.
  5. Thanks Conumdrum & Houndsteeth for your inputs. I belive I will follow your advice Houndsteeth! I think I'll try some DangerDen products! I'll post a configuration for your opinions.
  6. Danger Den has ONE product they make themselves that is worth it. Thier GPU blocks are nice. I have used DD GPU blocks for a few years, but now I'm liking other top competitors.

    They don't make radiators
    Their latest (TWO years old CPU block is wayy behind the newer stuff
    They don't make pumps

    So, buy DD, it works, but there is SO MUCH more out there.

    Please start at the top of this forum

    "READ FIRST", and start learning PLEASE for at least a FEW WEEKS before you commit to buying.
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