Best ssd for xp pro

Hello I was wondering if anyone can help with choosing the best ssd drive for windows xp pro? Most likely for a boot drive 30 to 60 gb?
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  1. Any of the good performing ones? Should behave the same on XP as vista/7 except for TRIM. XP doesn't support it, so don't bother paying extra for it.
  2. ^+1....

    The big issue is XP doesn't support SSD through TRIM which keeps the SSD running at peak performance. Since that is the case, I would go with the Intel X25-V 40GB, since Intel has the best no TRIM support software (stand alone TRIM application)... IMO
  3. You likely already made your purchase. I just came across this thread.
    IMHO, you have two choices with XP (which doesn't support TRIM nor can its system disk be properly aligned).

    1. The new Kingston V+100 series which was designed with XP in mind.

    2. The Intel G2 series.

    Both these are expressly alignment agnostic.
    Neither require the ATA TRIM command.

    G2 offers the Intel "Optimizer", a manual, proprietary TRIM clone program.

    Kingston relies on blitzkrieg garbage collection. Still has a 3-year warranty.

    Regards, tj
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