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Do you guys know of any good apps for monitoring the temps of various components and adjusting the fans?
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  1. depends on what hardware you have. better programs for each set of hardware.
    btw, why don't you give us your specs to help better
  2. HWMonitor and PC Wizard are decent, but they rarely get all voltages correct. Speedfan is also good.

    Don't really need your specs... Just gotta make sure your sensor chip is supported. The rest isn't relevant.
  3. Well, my mobo is a gigabyte ep45-ud3p. The processor shows up pretty well with speedfan, but the only fan i can control is the cpu one. Also in speedfan there are a bunch of temperature gauges which read around freezing.
  4. Well, with a Gigabyte board, what about Gigabyte's own Easy Tune 6? You can grab it here:

    If you have an nVIDIA video card, try RivaTuner. If ATI, try ATI Tools. Might need more than one program to do everything, unfortunately.
  5. Rivatuner for the GPU fan.
    GPU-Z for monitoring.
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