Phenom II 925 to 3.5 ghz

Trying to clock my 925 up to 3.5 but i'm having some issues. last attempt bsoded because of ram dump when running prime 95. dropped ht link down to 9x and dropped mem multiplier to 1:2.66. trying to get stable at 2250 ht link speed and 1333 ram speed core voltage at 1.361V any advice on what to try next.
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  1. update: ran memtest86+ 4.0 came back with 2 errors. could these errors be due to memory timing or does memtest86+ only let you know if you have faulty hardware. was stable at 3.2 ghz w/ prime 95 running for several hours any advice?
  2. Can't you up the voltage? I had to get up to 1.45v on a X3 to reach 3.6GHz from 2.8Ghz stock.
  3. i have phenom II x4 925 oced on 3.15ghz :(
    before i have oced him with 1.275 on HT voltage
    and 1.450 or 1.475 i dont remember
    for 3.5ghz is it stable ? :S
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