Why should I upgrade from win xp sp2 to sp3

Problem and specifications:

I have a laptop with windows 7 and i want to keep my desktop on windows xp. I have Sp2 installed on the desktop right now but I need to know if i should upgrade to sp3 and why?

Question: what are the major differences between win xp sp2 and win xp sp3 ?
Why should go through all the work of installing a new OS to upgrade to sp3 ?

All answers appreciated.
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  1. If you download the distribution file of SP3 (full download), you are NOT re-installing the OS. It may take a while but no changes will be made to your settings or data.
    SP3 resolved bugs and other faults found in SP2, it is a Service Pack not an Operating System, a bunch of fixes to the OS that Microsoft deemed necessary to add on. If you experienced none, don't update.
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