Is my card underclocked?

So I bought a Sapphire 4870 a few months ago, its supposed to be clocked at 1800 mhz but in CCC it say that its only clocked at 900 mhz. Does this mean that my card is underclocked?
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  1. Are sure that's not just the idle speed? (If that exists...I notice on my CCC that the gpu and memory clock speeds are low when i'm not gaming/doing graphics intensive things)
  2. If you're referring to the memory speed it's 900MHZ (3600MHZ effective). As for the GPU speed I belive it's 750MHZ. Of course, when the card is not under load it down clocks itself to much lower speeds.
  3. I think its normal.........

    Specifications of HD4870 at no OverClock.
    Core Clock: 750 MHz, Memory Clock: 900 MHz,
    Memory Bus: 256 bit, Memory Size: 512 MB,
    Memory Type: GDDR5, Interface: PCI-E ,
    ROPs: 16,
    Shading Units: 800,
    Graphics Processor
    GPU: RV 770 Process Size: 55
    Transistors: 956M DirectX: 10.1
    Pixel Shader: 4.1 Vertex Shader: 4.1
  4. It can be overclocked to 1800MHz with CCC...
  5. Many numbers fly around. Some people use core values, some include multiplyers. It can be confusing. One needs to be very specific when identifying a clock / bus speed.

    As was mentioned, think DDR in this case.
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