780i mobo won't recognize Intel X-25M SSD in bios

Hello all,

I just bought and received a new Intel X-25M SSD from Newegg. I hooked everything up and turned on the computer and unfortunately it doesn't see my SSD. I've tried updating to bios on my 780i SLI to P10...and no dice.

I called EVGA and they told me that my board doesn't support AHCI, which I'm not entirely sure what that does. I've seen people using SSD's with 780i mobos, so I don't know what the deal is. Can someone help me out please?

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  1. From what little I know about SSDs on 780i motherboards is that it is possible to have an SSD on it but it will not run as fast due to the lack of AHCI. Later this week I will be getting a Western Digital 128 Gb SSD and will try it on my XFX 780i mobo. There seem to be little about this partuicular drive (almost all of the reviews and posts are with OCZ and Intel SSDs). I'm beginning to think that you and I might need to look for another motherboard (im particularly getting fed-up with all this northbridge heat!).
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