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  1. First off what size monitor are you using? and what resolution will you be playing at? the 4870 might be overkill you would might be better off with the 4850 or even two 4850s in crossfire. As for the mobo i highly suggest the Asus P6T. The PSU is a good choice. Im not sure you are going to want to use the Velociraptor, you seem to be on a budget, i would suggest a Western digital 640 gb or even jump up to the 1tb, it is a lot less and still really good and fast. In a few months when the SSD's go down in price and increase in quality you can switch over to those. As for coolers for the I7 they really havent come out with too many yet. I would wait a few months then upgrade the cooler and overclock. Definately need to take that memory and bump it up to 6gbs. Also FYI this weekend Microcenter is running a deal for the I7, 250.00, thats the best price you are going to see for a while.

    EDIT: For this system you ABSOLUTELY going to need Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Microcenter is also running a good deal for that os. 80 bucks plus if you get the I7 too they are giving you a 50 dollar gift card. Another deal is the western digital 1tb hdd for 100. So if you buy the processor and os for 330 Then go use the gift card to get the hdd for another 50. 380 for the os cpu and hdd, cant beat that with a stick
  2. Wow am i saving you money today my friend. That corsair psu is great, but the microcenter deal also has a 750W PC Power and Cooling psu for only 90 dollars, that is a higher quality psu for a lesser price. So that means for 470 you get the cpu psu os and hdd. you are welcome lol
  3. Monitor will be a LG 22".
  4. Then def go with the 4850, then latter on down the road if you want to step it up a little more get another 4850. the 4870 would be totally overkill, hell two 4850s would be overkill
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