Innovation Cooling Diamond 24 Carat Thermal Compound Giveaway

Posted on CPU's but slow response thought I would try here

Innovation Cooling
IC Diamond 24 Carat Giveaway!!

Innovation Cooling (IC)will giveaway 100 syringes of ICD24 to TH forum members who have at least 50 posts.



Instructions and Qualifiers

1.)1 Syringe per responding forum member.

2.)This is a on a first come basis. I will post notice on this forum when the giveaway ends

3.)Participating members are to post your test results on this forum within the first 30 days after receiving the sample. Gentleman's agreement.

4.) TH forum members who have at least a minimum 50 posts.

5.) Have been a forum member for at least 6 months

6.) PM me your mailing address in a format we can cut and paste easily for processing.

7.)Must agree to test the product and give feedback to the forum, and thus to Innovation Cooling (Current load/idle/ambient temps + fan speed then load/idle/ambient temps + fan speed with IC24)

The specifics will be posted in a separate Results Thread, we will be looking for simple data feedback, and looking forward to actual comparisons in application methods and comparing products from other manufacturers.

We would like to first get CPU, GPU's, NB's , and Laptops results as a priority, then any you are free to apply/experiment on other components with remaining balance.

The TIM results thread will go live on once we have enough tubes shipped out and await all member's data results. All personal information is kept entirely confidential and destroyed upon completion of giveaway. Please PM me if you have any questions.

Thanks everyone and I look forward to working with you all and hopefully learning something in the process.


Innovation Cooling
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  1. Wish this had come along about a month ago. I just reorganized my case when my Windows 7 RC expired and I upgraded to full retail. I dont see having time to test in the next month but I have seen the numbers on your product and plan to try it the next time I build. It seems to outperform the Artic Silver 5 / Ceramique that I usually use by quite a bit and I would love to give it a try but as I stated before I just can not be sure when I would have time.
  2. I'd like to give it a shot, Microcenter always seems to be out of stock.
  3. I'll give it a go, i'll put some on my gtx 480 water block. Already got temps posted in link in my sig.
  4. Hey!! Which part of the world is this valid for????
  5. The whole world is included.

    Have to PM me your mailing address
  6. I would love to test it out if you'll take me!
    Is this supposed to be better than IC Diamond 7?
  7. 54 posts you are in - send me a PM with your mailing address
  8. i'm in~~!!!!
  9. I did............ how do I know if you got it?..... the mailing address , I Mean
  10. beats me :S i jus hopeths is legit :)
  11. It's most certainly legit.
  12. I'd love to give it a go please :)
  13. I'd love too, but not possible for me :'(
    Only 1 week membership with a few posts...

    But it's a very nice idea to let 'normal people' test your products. I never saw this before and I hope other brands will do the same ;-)
  14. I'd like to try it out, I DO have the time :)
  15. arent we supposed to get an email?
  16. id like to but ive only been a member for a little over a month =(
  17. still no word from them :S, guess the thingy's over...:(
  18. ***Sad face***
  19. Sorry guys, I was going over how much trouble it would actually be to perform these tests with my setup, requiring removing the motherboard for each change, and to me its not worth it, so I removed my entry.
  20. Hey...yeah I'm in...
    I posted on the other thread...
    Even though It's a hassle to repaste my computer parts (like it is for ryan) I'll still do it...
    Need to remove mobo and stuff...But it's ok I'll clean the computer while I'm at it and I'll redo my cable manegment...

    Hey IC Dimond post a link to the results Thread once you made it...
  21. Count me in, PM sent!~

    Thanks Andrew, looking forward to seeing the results myself. I plan on using it for my CPU HSF, a CM Hyper 212+ on a c3 PhII 965BE x4.
  22. I would be interested..........Pm sent
  23. Rakivic said:
    I would be interested..........Pm sent

    52 send me your mailing address
  24. address sent
  25. hey i'm interested to see the ting out myself!.....i want in! :D
  26. Got my IC Diamond thermal compound today :)

    Will be testing it on my CPU and GPU, Thanks.
  27. Do you ship abroad? If so, I'm interested in testing your product.
  28. i_hate_flying said:
    Do you ship abroad? If so, I'm interested in testing your product.

    IC Diamond said:
    The whole world is included.

    Have to PM me your mailing address
  29. Got mine 2 days ago, thanks :) still testing em' out atm.

  30. Cheers, I missed that.
  31. Cool....... I just got my syringe today...
  32. oh c'mon man! I want to give i go!!!!! :S i was thinking of doing an overhaul. It'd be the best time as i'd get my coolers n stuff :) please :)
  33. I'll give you two for the price of one! I bought a new Cooler Master Hyper 212+ to replace my Thermalright ultra 120 extreme. I have some of my old paste, and I'll report on both of them.
  34. i would love to try it
  35. plenty of tubes left
  36. i sent you a PM, should i wait for an email of some sort or wait for the tube to come to me?
  37. got all PM's shipping tomorrow
  38. Quote:
    Ok , Here's what My system looked like before the stress tests and after 3 hours of running it, with the standard TP which came with my Board.
    Before beginning the stress test with Prime95
    After 3 Hours

    I must tell you that the ambient temp of the room that I work in is 45Deg C...... a very hot environment.

    Thanks for taking the time to test and post results

    Post results here in the results thread.
  39. I'd Love to try if you are still offering but I don't have 50 posts.
  40. Haven't gotten a chance to clean off the CPU but i did get my GPU done. Temps seem to be better. Highest i've hit while gaming so far is 77C vs 83C before. Idle seems the same.
  41. hello, I would like to test your thermal compound, but I I've been registred here for less than 6 mounts :s
  42. Where can I purchase some of this? Summer is coming here and I would like to try to drop my temps some more.
  43. Short week shipping Friday so get your request in by 9 am Friday
  44. lcp1109 said:
    hello, I would like to test your thermal compound, but I I've been registred here for less than 6 mounts :s

    You have enough posts so you qualify
  45. tuesday0180 said:
    Where can I purchase some of this? Summer is coming here and I would like to try to drop my temps some more.

    or you could apply for a free tube and post your results

    you do qualify after all
  46. IC Diamond said:
    You have enough posts so you qualify

    Great :)

    I will test it against REVOLTEC Thermal Grease Diamond
  47. if you can wait a lil over 2 weeks i can put it through its paces next to an ArticCooling MX-2 paste :)

    though i'm still waiting for ICD24 to come :P
  48. I'd like to participate. Sending you my info right now.
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