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Some people will note that I've raised several questions on these forums over the past few days with regards to Hard Drive connections and so on - well, once this part's sorted out I should be all set. (Thanks to those that have helped previously.)

I currently have four hard drives running on my system -
AMD Athlon 3500+ 64bit
Windows XP Home Edition

HD 1 - Maxtor 6L200M0 SATA - 250GB - attached via motherboard connections and IDE power cable (I think that's what it's called(?)
HD 2 - Hitachi HDT721050SLA360 (SATA/SATA II - Not sure) - 500GB - attached via SATA/IDE to USB Adaptor and IDE power cable
HD 3 - Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA II - 500GB - attached via a card that fits onto the motherboard with a pair of data transfer cable ports and a split(1->2) IDE power cable)
HD 4 - Maxtor Diamondmax 23 SATA II - 500GB - attached via above means)

All drives are connected, initialized, given drive names and letters and so forth, and seem to be working absolutely fine - except... I can't get my computer to boot with the drives connected... I get a little way into the Windows Loading Screen and then it cuts out and re-installs...

I am presently disconnecting the three additional drives manually before restart and this seems to be working, and I can reconnect them manually upon restart without any trouble... how do I fix the booting up issue???

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  1. Do you have a good power supply?
  2. Power supply seems fine
  3. I too have had this problem, it seems to occur if you have OS's installed on any plugged in slave drives, but sorry, i don't know the solution...
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