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I have a dell PC with intergrated graphics card. I want to turn this pc into a multimedia pc connecting direct to a new HDMI Sony TV.

Unfortunatly the Dell PC only has 2 x PCI slots (Free) & 1 PCI express x1 slot (Free). Most of the DVI out graphics cards that offer 256 or 512 Mb seem to be using PCI express x 16 slots.

Is it true that I can get an expansion card to plug into the PCIe x 1 slot to then be able to run a x16 card at the x1 speed.?

If so will the graphics card fit in the slot as the expansion card is I believe 1/4 inch hign?

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  1. Get some GPU which support DVI port... then get a DVI to HDMI converter... and HDMI cable....

  2. Thanks for the Information although I am aware of that site. However it seems that the choice of cards is greater & Cheaper if using a x16 card.
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