Gigabyte UD3R loops at POST

So, I just got my new UD3R, but as soon as I touch the BIOS (not even for overclocking), when I next try and boot up, it gets stuck at the POST screen and simply loops over and over again, turning on and off.

To get it going, I have to cut power at the PSU. However, I fear when overclocking this is going to remove all of my settings. I have the latest F8 BIOS, but does anyone know why this might be?

System Specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (G0)
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
OCZ Reaper PC-8500 1066mhz
Powercolor Radeon 4870 512mb
Asus Xonar D2

Any ideas?
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  1. Try clearing CMOS manually. And put RAM voltage to 2.0v and see. Also see if the battery is dead. Dead battery can some times cause this. Also what PSU? If it's a no name PSU that could/may be a reason.
  2. 1 - clear the CMOS using the jumper
    2 - 'Load Optimized Defaults' from the main BIOS page
    3 - set up memory voltage per manufacturer's specs
  3. My UD3R does this periodically at boot up and I just turn the thing off at the PSU and wait a few seconds, turning it back on and booting up normally.

    This is very similar to the Asus cold-boot issue that I had on a P4PE a while ago where it would just not start at all until I shut off the power at the PSU and turn it back on at the PSU.

    Why this happens seems to be manufacturer specific. Each one has a different quirk and the Gigabyte's is the looping post.

    There are plenty of disparate configurations out there and many people experience it with the common denominator being the Gigabyte boards.

    Try the power switch on the PSU and restarting. If that works, you just have to do this now and then like I do.

    By the way, my configuration is entirely stock with name brand components and no overclocking.

    That's my point of view anyway.
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