Windows 7 bitlocker password recovery for pen drive

i forgot my bitlocker password for I Ball pen drive also the key show by the window dose not work E7A02070 as the letter of the cannot type but numbers can type of the pin
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  1. The last half of your post is a bit garbled. Are you saying the letter parts of the recovery code don't type at all? Or what is that code you listed? Go through the exact procedure you are doing step by step please (you don't need to give any users or passwords, can just use *** or whatever). Also are you sure you are using the restore keys from the folder you encrypted and not for another one?

    Take a look at this,

    If the password is forgotten and for some reason the restore key does not work, the data is gone. The point of encryption is to protect the data you encrypt from unwanted access. Means hacking, tricking, cheating, back-dooring, hitting, crying, should not work to break into the files or the tool is not a good one. What that also means if whoever encrypts the files forgets the password or does not have restore keys, or maybe has the keys to the wrong encrypted folder, they are also locked out of the files as much as anyone else. It's like locking yourself into a cage and saying I'm staying here forever, and throwing away the key. You then realize you forgot the crate of toilet paper on the other side of the door. Both cases, you are in deep doo-doo.
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