My external 2.5" 60GB western digital IDE hard drive suddenly stop working
Now when i connect to PC via IDE cable hard drive make beeps and like its working but nothing displaying on PC
I need my data from that hard drive

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  1. Doesn't sound good.. If you really need the data from it, try contacting a data recovery company.. I work in Computer Forensics, the tools u need to recover the data are as follows:-

    Tableau Write Blocker
    FTK Imager
    DeepSpar or PC3000

    However, these tools are extremely expensive.. Good Luck!
  2. can you provide me any kind of contact details of those recovery companies who can help me out??
    any idea how much that cost approx??

    thanks for your suggestion.
  3. Now its showing 20GB in BIOS but in windows not recognizable?
    actual size of hard drive 60GB WESTERN DIGITAL
  4. Another program which I have heard could solve this problem is spinrite, by GRC.
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